Be Well-Do Good

Be Well-Do Good captures an ethos we strive to live by every day.

Be well—Do Good

By working on ourselves—showing up for ourselves consistently, getting out of pain and discomfort, and finding our strength and confidence in movement—we can also do more good in the world for others.

Ground-Up Fitness

By healing injuries, and movement compensations, Ground-Up Fitness helps everyday athletes perform at their top level. Ippolita’s Ground-Up Fitness system focuses on (p)rehab, postural alignment, breathing, core and foot work, and functional strength training. Ground-Up Fitness helps you develop a loving, accepting relationship with your body, rooting into your feet and your breath, conquering new challenges, and showing you just how much you are capable of.


In a society where fitness is focused on shrinking, we believe in a fundamental shift. We focus on our right and need to expand, not shrink; on taking up space, and the empowering act of putting our self care first. From here we can live full lives of resiliency, longevity, and generosity.

Ippolita di Paola is a strength and rehab coach who has been building a community of strong, mobile, confident, and compassionate humans since 2014. Ippolita offers virtual and in-person private and semi-private training, online programming with instructional videos, and small group classes.