Knowledge And Experience

Ippolita uses her knowledge and experience to help others achieve pain free strength.

Passion For Social Justice

Ippolita di Paola is a New York City native, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Master of International Affairs. Her passion for social justice led her to a career focused on indigenous women’s rights, and environmental rights in Latin America for nearly a decade.

Pain-Free Strength

After years of neglecting herself, Ippolita turned her personal weight loss and strength building journey into a career as a personal trainer and coach in 2014. With certifications in Kettlebells, Bodyweight, and Barbell training from StrongFirst, and mobility and athletic performance training from Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Revolution in Motion, she uses her knowledge and experience to help others achieve pain-free strength.

Healing And Performing

As she pushed herself athletically, and worked to overcome injuries, Ippolita trained at Revolution in Motion to become a Revinmo trainer in 2016. Combining her experience in functional strength training with the athletic performance, neuromuscular and fascia work of Revolution in Motion, Ippolita has helped clients heal from shoulder dislocations, herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and breaks, pelvic floor damage, thoracic outlet syndrome, and autoimmune and nervous system disorders.


Ippolita loves helping her community achieve new feats and feel empowered to tackle all life throws at us with a deep trust that we can survive and thrive.

Types Of Classes

Ippolita offers virtual private training, 3 weekly virtual small group classes, individualized online programming with detailed video instruction, video programs to conquer specific mobility and strength goals at any level, and in-person assessments and teaching in Chittenden County, Vermont and Manhattan, New York.