Simple Not Easy

“My goal once I retired was to get and stay in good health. Ippolita is the perfect trainer for me…she quickly learned my strengths/weak areas and over the past 3 years has been vital in helping me to build core strength and stability. I haven’t felt this strong and balanced in…forever!”
—Marcia H.


“I have been working with Ippolita since the start of the pandemic and almost one year in I am still working with her! This is the first time that I have ever stayed committed to a workout practice and it is because she works with me at my pace, creates thorough exercise routines and centers wellbeing over simply being thin. Through my work with her I am developing a positive body image, embracing my body for what it is and feeling so much happier and stronger!”


“I wanted to share how awesome it’s been having you as a coach, who consistently shines with positivity and faith in our abilities! It’s been so awesome having you as a coach – who really breaks down the movement and programs right what the body needs. I really do look forward to your clases and feel bad when I miss them! Thanks for being awesome!”
Florence F.

“I’ve been working with Ippolita since 2017, initially to strengthen my feet and recover from plantar fasciitis. In addition to her rehab/Revolution in Motion work, Ippolita is a terrific all-around fitness trainer, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been incredibly impressed with her ability to design demanding and innovative strength programs outside of the gym, with limited equipment, both in-person and over Zoom. I have recommended her to all of my friends.”
Stephanie W.

“When I first met Ippolita, I had just hurt my back from putting on a sock and I couldn’t stand for more than an hour without back pain and soreness. In less than two years, Ippolita has trained my body and re-educated me on my habits to maintain my physicality so much that I am now able to hike in Patagonia for a week or backpack in Utah with no issues, but also live typical to sedentary life if choose because I now understand what my body needs. Ippolita doesn’t just train your body to adjust to your lifestyle choices, but she also gives you the tools to understand what your body needs in the long term so that you can adapt at any given moment to your life journey. She has tailored each stage of my program to meet my needs and goals. She invests not only in your physical well-being, but also your mindset to make sure you’re most successful in any situation. While I now no longer need to see her in order to maintain a pain free and productive physical lifestyle, I actively choose to continue with Ippolita because she’s such a joy to work with and a valued confidant for my mental and physical needs.”
Katie M.

“Fitness is a lifelong commitment of Ippolita’s, and it really shows in her thoughtful programming. In a sea of HIIT/cardio classes, her classes stand out for their refreshing focus on form and quality instead of a bunch of movements without purpose. Every workout is the embodiment of “simple not easy.” Be prepared to sweat, challenge your coordination, and get strong! You finish the workout feeling accomplished without feeling destroyed. Ippolita also takes the time at the beginning and end of class to focus on breathing and core engagement—truly underrated tools for well-rounded strength training! Not to mention the fantastic, diverse community Ippolita has built and her fire playlists. Try a class—you’ll definitely keep coming back for more!”
Maureen R-F.

“Ippolita has been my trainer for several years. It is hard to articulate just how much she has helped take my fitness goals to another level. I always focused too much on cardio and not enough on strength training. When I did strength training, I did the same exercises repeatedly and not necessarily with the correct form (although I thought my form was fine). Simply put, Ippolita is top notch and her expertise in mobility and strength training is far beyond anyone I ever worked with in the past! I always look forward to our sessions and am grateful for how much she has taught me about form and technique and how she has driven me to step change my workouts over time to maximize results.”
Lianne C.

“Ippolita’s QuaranStrength class was a beacon of support, community, and fitness when gyms were closed due to the pandemic, and she continues to pump out great programming that strengthens the body, mind, and spirit (and let’s not forget her excellently curated lifty playlists!). Very thankful for her and her unwavering support for her athletes!”
Brian & Colin

“We started training with Ippolita a few years ago. She is a fantastic coach—she’s a pro at watching how each person moves and she always values quality over quantity. Then Covid hit. Throughout this difficult time she’s kept us motivated with challenging programming that has kept us moving (which is a feat in itself!) and strong. We always look forward to her classes!”

Rebecca J.

“I can’t say enough about how great Ippolita’s training has been for me. Along with her top notch expertise and fantastic programming, her constant smile and overall great energy makes each class just a joy.”
Katherine W.

“Ippolita has coached me since 2018 and has improved my balance and flexibility in amazing ways. Each session is programmed for my needs, and is innovative and fun.”